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Bite-sized content, incentives, and gamification to improve physical and mental health

Who We Are

4 Pillars of Wellness

NRG Way is a wellness app supporting companies and employees with their physical and mental health, resulting in higher productivity, performance and strong human capital. We provide wellness content for your employees based on a 4 pillar total well-being standard. The 4 pillars that we monitor include: Strength, Flexibility, Endurance, and Mind.



Fitness, Yoga & Meditation

Cardio, Core, Workout

Fitness Combinations

NRG Way Wellness Fitness Video


NRG Way Cardio & Core sessions combine bodyweight exercises that increase your heart rate with unique core exercises to strengthen and chisel your midsection. If you’re looking to burn some calories, get a good sweat, and develop a strong core then this series is for you!

NRG Way Wellness Fitness Video

Workout & Cardio

NRG Way Workout & Cardio sessions are strength training with a twist. The same level of strength training provided in NRG Way Workout sessions, combined with dynamic cardio exercises designed to get you moving and increase your heart rate.

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NRG Way Workout & Core is strength training with an agility twist. The same level of strength training is provided in NRG Workout sessions, combined with exercises that increase your balance, reaction time, and fluidity of movement.


Stretch and Low Back

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NRG Way Stretch sessions target specific muscles so you can stay flexible and injury free. In addition, sitting is still the new smoking and even just getting up to stretch can counteract negative impacts such as increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess body fat around the waist and abnormal cholesterol levels.

Low Back Sessions Corporate Wellness

Low Back

NRG Way Low Back sessions offer a variety of strengthening protocols you can do anywhere, anytime, to keep your back strong and limber. These preventative exercises can help with aches and pains from sitting, standing or a sedentary lifestyle. 

Mind & Body Connection

Yoga & Meditation Sessions

NRG Way Wellness Fitness Video

Micro Yoga

NRG Way Micro Yoga sessions are perfect for a quick morning, mid-day, afternoon or evening stretch to get the blood flowing, energy boosted or to hep you wind down from your day. Rejuvenate your mind and body with a variety of yoga poses that open up the body.  If you are sitting all day and looking to loosen up, then these 2 min to 12 min micro yoga flows are the way to go.

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NRG Way Yoga sessions are typically 15 min to 50 min flows that take you on a journey and allow your mind to let go of distractions. These are great if you have some extra time or for weekend warrior yogis to get into the groove, unwind, and escape. 

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NRG Way Meditation sessions will help you reduce stress, calm the nervous system, ease your mind and body, and give you the focus and clarity you deserve to think and feel your best.

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Themed Yoga

NRG Way Themed Yoga sessions can help you with various physical, mental and emotional challenges like sleep, anxiety, stress, and more. Get NRG-gized, focused, improve your mood, or get ready for bed with a flow for better sleep.

Wellness OPTIONS


NRG Way Wellness Fitness Employee Nutrition

Veggie Sessions

We make short, tantalizing videos teaching people different ways to cook veggies to ensure that they are as tasty, beneficial and as healthy as they can be.

smoothie nutrition

Snack Sessions

Here you can get some creative, healthy snack ideas to make at home or on the go. Snack sessions offer a wide variety of options that will never allow your taste buds to get bored.