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NRG Way Wellness is a platform focused on offering wellness content, such as strength  exercise, yoga, meditation and nutrition.

 The NRG Way formula focuses on micro-learning. We offer a large variety of quick  educational fitness sessions, yoga, and cooking seminars along with stretch protocols that help our clients stay motivated and on track to make healthy  lifestyle changes. Our formula is effective at engaging individuals from the beginner level all the way up to advanced.

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What Makes the NRG Way Different?

We started years ago by building on-site wellness programs. Because of the knowledge gleaned from that experience with a hands-on approach, we know what it takes to get people motivated to change unhealthy lifestyle choices. We designed NRG Way because we know there are companies that want a wellness program that is cost effective but doesn’t necessarily have the budget for it.

Our platform takes out the high cost of having a wellness program on-site.

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Why micro-learning?

We focus on micro-learning for fitness routines because it only takes small changes to have a huge impact on your health, your well-being and you attitude towards life. Our micro workouts are high intensity interval training that clients can do anywhere.
Our micro-yoga sessions help clients take a much needed break from work, a break from sitting, allowing them to relax and release tension and stiffness.
Our micro-cooking seminars allow clients to think outside the box and try something new for a snack. Who doesn’t get bored with the same snacks over and over?

NRG Way Wellness Fitness Video

Why NRG Way Challenges?

Challenges are a fantastic gateway for beginner or unmotivated individuals who get bogged down or are in a rut and cannot climb out. At the other end of the spectrum, NRG Way Challenge Sessions can help advanced individuals break barriers and challenge their well-being all around.
The sky is the limit, so why not test your limits.
NRG Way Challenge Sessions range from fitness and yoga to nutrition, offering an option for all fitness levels. We will keep you motivated and empowered with our extensive library of content.



Take a journey with others. It makes you more accountable! Challenges are the NRG Way to get you moving with purpose. Join a challenge and see the results!

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