A total wellness app supporting employee’s with their physical and mental health

Who We Are

The Solution

A wellness app supporting companies and employees with their physical and mental health, resulting in higher productivity, performance and strong human capital

Micro education and content is the wave of the future

Micro content increases engagement, motivation and productivity

Being data driven provides total wellbeing for your company. Our 4 pillars of wellness data include: flexibility, mind, strength and endurance

The 4 Pillars of Total Wellness

Our content is based on a system providing all the solutions your company needs. Employees are encouraged to utilize our 4 Pillars of Total Wellness – and share it with their colleagues – to improve physical, mental and emotional health at work and at home.
It’s important each week to implement strength exercises to keep muscle as we age, meditate to reduce stress and keep our mind sharp, flexibility to keep our bodies balanced bio mechanically, and endurance training to keep our heart and lungs strong. 

The 4 Pillars that we monitor include


Our strength videos include workouts
& core to build & maintain muscle, bones, prevent injury, reduce pain & excess weight.


Our yoga videos improve flexibility
and breath awareness which is essential
to preventing injury.


Our meditation videos encourage presence, more self-awareness, stress relief, reduction of negative thought patterns, improve mood & can help to reduce pain.


Our cardio videos regulate circulation, heart rate, improve respiratory and brain function, joint & skin health, metabolism and more.

Success is Data Driven

How to Achieve Success

This is how you achieve long term sustainable engagement and success


Move To Earn

User needs to watch video to earn points

40 pts
per video
per year earned per employee
100 pts
upload profile photo
100 pts
first video completed

Targeted Outreach

We can target employees with specific ailments using challenges and other wellness content

back-pain (2)-svg

Example: Lower back issues; deploy lower back protocols in the form of challenges

NRG Way Team

Peter Ware

CEO/ Founder

Tim Sims


Keegan Mills

Yoga, Meditation

Christian Ralston

Fitness, Yoga, Meditation

Katie Schiffgen

Yoga, Meditation

Billy Casimir


Danielle Mccready

Yoga, Meditation

Korin Sutton


Nathaniel Try

Fitness, Yoga, Meditation

Nicole Turner

Yoga, Meditation

Janis Enamorado

Yoga, Meditation


Fitness, Yoga, Meditation

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