Total Wellness For Your Employees

Mind / Strength / Endurance / Flexibility

Bite Size Wellness Content

Bite-size wellness content is the wave of the future for corporate wellness programs, as it drastically increases long term employee engagement, motivation and productivity.

We offer a growing, proprietary library of 1350+ micro-wellness videos that are all-level, ranging from 1-15min. This bite-size content, that’s easily digestible, encourages the average person to consistently consume it consistently. With consistent consumption, the negative effects of sedentary behavior – brain fog, physical pain, & bad moods are reduced, & their energy & physical & mental health is increased.



Fitness - Cardio/Strength/Stretch



4 Pillars + Content Types = Total Wellness


Cardio Blast
Workout & Cardio


Yoga Challenge - Yoga - Themed Yoga
Micro Yoga - Stretch - Meeting Reset


Core Blast - Core Flow
Workout Sessions - Fitness Challenges
Workout N Core - Isolation - Lower Back


Guided Meditation
Meditation Challenges - Breathwork
How To Meditate - Meeting Reset

Gamification & Challenges

We built an innovative gamification platform where employees can motivate and inspire each other with our feature called, ‘Tag You’re It’. This brings a level of engagement that is unheard of. Gamifying wellness allows employees to send and receive challenges, which gets people moving with purpose and fun.

Take a journey with others, it makes you more accountable.

Join a challenge and see the results!

This feature also supports hybrid and remote workforces by keeping people connected, which in turn can boost company culture, team building, and morale.


Earn gift cards with the NRG Way Incentives Program
All your points show up in the rewards center. Track and monitor the history of your points, as you reach your fitness goals. Once you’ve collected enough, redeem your points for anywhere between $20 and $100 in Amazon gift cards—sent directly to your email. Keep up the good work, reach your goals, and earn a little something extra from NRG Way.
Earn 100 points each for:
  • Watching your first video
  • Completing your first challenge
  • Sending a challenge to someone else for the first time
  • Uploading your profile picture
Earn 40 points each for:
  • Completing any NRG Way Session
    • Cardio, Strength Training, Body Weight, Core, Yoga, Breathwork and Meditation
  • Upload a photo of yourself during the session

How To Sign Up

Once you’ve downloaded the App from either the IOS or Android store, open the App on your mobile device and watch this video to get started! Then contact us for the download code.