• People need to move on a regular basis to reduce physical and mental health conditions associated with sedentary lifestyles.


  • Maintaining Company Culture
    • Create or maintain company culture by showing you care about your employee’s physical, mental and emotional health. Encourage them to prioritize work/life balance and take care of their bodies and minds.
  • Boosting Morale
    • When you create a positive company culture, you boost morale by showing you care about your employee’s physical, mental and emotional health in addition to the work they produce.
  • Adapting To Change
    • Support your remote or hybrid workforce with a wellness solution that they can use at home remotely, at the office, or even while they travel.

CFO Challenges

  • Rising Healthcare Costs
    • Reduce rising healthcare costs by encouraging employees to take care of themselves physically, mentally and emotionally with fitness, yoga and meditation. These are proven preventative solutions that reduce disorders, illness and disease therefore reducing doctor’s visits and claims.
  • Company’s Bottom Line
    • Your bottom line will increase when you reduce other expenses… and with healthcare costs continuing to rise, this is an expense to prioritize.
  • New Tech Tools Gather Data
    • Gather data about employees from the app. Examples:
      • Who’s using it
      • Who’s receiving incentives
      • Who’s engaging with coworkers
    • Gather metrics and track results to see improvements in your employee’s physical, mental and emotional health.

  • Human Resources
    • Recruitment
      • Boost your recruitment process by giving your employees the ultimate wellness benefit… a daily escape with global fitness, yoga and meditation content shot in some of the most beautiful locations around the world.
    • Retention
      • Retention will naturally increase when culture and morale improve and they understand that their company cares for them personally and professionally.
      • Keep your employees physically and mentally strong and having fun by jet-setting your team around the world with some of the best trainers and instructors in the industry.
    • Employee Engagement & Productivity
      • Fitness, yoga and meditation are all proven to reduce stress and increase engagement and productivity.
      • Breaks are proven to give our bodies and minds a recharge, so we can accomplish tasks and goals.
      • Research from the Harvard Business Review states that breaks allow us to take a step back and make sure we’re accomplishing the right things in the right way.
      • When you feel your attention fading or burnt out, stop and indulge in a short, micro, global escape with our instructors around the world to enhance your mood and stay productive throughout the day.

Employee Challenges

  • Work/Life Balance
    • Fitness, yoga and meditation encourage you prioritize your physical, mental and emotional health, as much as a meeting for work or your family. Employees need to take work/life balance seriously, so they can fully show up 100% for everything else in their lives.
    • Choose from our large library of wellness content on beaches, cliffs and overlooking breathtaking views of cities around the world.
    • Train, do yoga or meditate outdoors in the sun and brighten your day, as you detach briefly with the NRG Way Team.
    • Melt away daily stress from your living room, backyard, office or hotel room while you are traveling for work.